Warnings & Post Installation Messages

There are two kinds of messages to pay attention to after you update your Joomla! CMS:

  • WARNINGS displayed in the Extensions > Warnings screen.


Post-installation Messages

We recommend that you review Post-installation Messages immediately after updating the Joomla! CMS.

If there are any NEW messages after you update your website's Joomla! CMS then you will see a BELL (see image) at the top of the website Dashboard.

You will also see a YELLOW BOX displayed next to Installation Messages in the System Dashboard screen.

security installation messages

Messages should not be hidden until you have read them.

And SECURITY messages should NEVER be ignored.

Once you have dealt with messages they can however be hidden away.

Read more: Post Installation Messages.



You can check for Warnings in the Information Panel of the System Dashboard.

If you don't see a TICK next to Warnings then you know there are problems (as shown in the image below).

post update warnings 1

Click the Warnings link to view details.

Here are some examples of Warnings that you might see.


Warning Messages Help Screen