How to use Page Breaks

When an Article is very long you can choose to divide it up into smaller chunks.

This is achieved using Page Breaks.

Page Breaks divide a very long Article up using one of three different presentation styles:

  • Pages,
  • Slides, and
  • Tabs.

Default presentation style in a WYNCHCO Website Design = Pages.

You can change the presentation style in the Content - Page Break Plugin screen of your website control panel.

Your choice of presentation style will be assigned to every Article in which you use Page Breaks in your website.

The Article you are reading right now is displayed using the Pages presentation style.

It differs from the image below by having an Article Index which is 100% wide.

The one in the image below (default in a WYNCHCO Website Design) is 30% wide.

articles page break pages

This presentation style is a great choice if your website comprises long Articles which will be read whilst people are on the move, using mobile devices with small screens.



How to insert Page Breaks

Page Breaks can be inserted into Articles using the TinyMCE or JCE Content Editor (our preference).

Read more: How to insert Page Breaks.


How to change Presentation Style

Open the Content - Page Break Plugin screen.

  1. Select Plugins from the Manage panel of the System Dashboard.
  2. Then select Content - Page Break.

plugins page break 1

When you do you can:

  1. show the Article Index Heading (default = hide),
  2. change the name of the Article Index Heading, and
  3. change the Presentation Style (default = Pages).

See image below.

plugins page break 2

Article Index Heading

By default in a WYNCHCO Website Design the Article Index Heading is hidden.

If it were to be published then it would be displayed above the list of contents - see image below.

plugins page break article index heading show


The width of the Article Index when the Pages presentation style is used is determined by the Style Sheet.

If you need help widening the Article Index, just ask.