How to use Page Breaks

& the Page Break Plugin

Page Breaks are a great way to:

  1. break up a long Article into smaller easier to read chunks, and
  2. to save your reader's time by presenting an Article Index (as shown here in this Article) for visitors to browse through.

Page Breaks are controlled by a Joomla! Plugin called Content - Page Break Plugin.

This plugin offers three different ways for splitting up lengthy content within the same Article by:

  1. pages (the default method),
  2. sliders, or
  3. tabs.


The Article Index

If you do not choose to change the method of breaking up a large Article into smaller parts, you will see an Article Index at the top of an Article when you create a Page Break.

You can change:

  • page break features including the Article Index Heading via the Content - Page Break Plugin screen;
  • Article Index appearance via the Templates screen.

The image below shows the Article Index Heading displayed as Article Index.

You may change the wording or hide this heading.

By default in a WYNCHCO website design the Article Index Heading is hidden.

example pagebreak

How to insert Page Breaks

Page Breaks can be inserted in Articles using the JCE Content Editor.

How to insert Page Breaks.


How to change Page Break features

You can change some of the page break features via your website's dashboard.

Sign in, open the Plugins screen and use the filter field to find the Content - Page Break Plugin.

plugin page break

When you do you can:

  1. hide the index title,
  2. change the name of the index title, and
  3. choose a different presentation method (page, slider or tab).

See image below.

plugin page break change title small