Content Tags

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west uk"Tags in Joomla! provide a flexible way of organizing content.

The same tag can be applied to many different content items across content types (articles, weblinks, newsfeeds, contacts, and categories).

Any item can have as many tags as desired.

Once an item is tagged with a specific tag, browsing to the link for that tag will give a list of all items that have been tagged with that tag."

Source: Joomla! Documentation.


We include three Exemplar Articles when we configure a WYNCHCO website design:

  • Example Short Article,
  • Example Longer Article, and
  • Example Article with Page Breaks.

Each one is assigned an EXAMPLE TAG.

This is then displayed in the Front End at the foot of each Article.

tag example front end 

How TAGS works

When a visitor clicks on a TAG at the foot of an Article they are presented with a list of Articles which contain similar or related content.