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In this article we cover how to create and edit website Categories and Articles.


An ARTICLE is some written information (text and images) to be displayed in your website.

A CATEGORY is a container for organising ARTICLES.

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Article Visibility

When you create a NEW Article it will ONLY be visible in the Front End of your website when you:

  • publish it,
  • make it accessible to the Public, and
  • create a Menu Link to it or a Link from within another Article.

You can also control the times when Articles are visible.

For example: set a Start and End date.

These settings are controlled via the Publishing tab when editing Articles.


Featured Articles

The very first Articles you will see in a default WYNCHCO website design will be the Featured Articles presented on the Home Page.

These Featured Articles are brought to the screen whenever someone selects the HOME Menu Link.

Note: when someone enters your website domain name in a browser address bar, they are effectively choosing the HOME Menu Link.

The selection of this Menu Link triggers the fetching to the screen of those Articles you choose to be Featured!

Read more: Featured Articles.


Linking to Non-featured Articles

All other Articles (i.e. non-featured Articles) are brought to the screen in the same way i.e. courtesy of the trigger effect of someone selecting either a Menu Link or Link.

Read more: How to create a Menu Link.

Read more: How to create a Link.

Content outside Articles & Categories

Not all website content is presented by Categories and Articles.

Much of your website's content is displayed by Modules.

Example: Menu modules, custom modules, latest news modules etc.

These can be presented from within Articles but are mostly presented outside Articles.

Example: the right sidebar or top of the screen.

Read more: Working with Modules.

Harden website security

You can publish a wide range of Article Information either above or below Articles in your website.

One such item is a Mail to Friend button.

However, the Joomla! Project recommended in 2018 (with the launch of Joomla! 3.8.8) that Joomlers should not publish the Mail to Friend button in their website.

Their advice is to change the SHOW EMAIL setting in the Articles OPTIONS screen of your website to:

  • Show Email = Hide.

This is the default setting in a WYNCHCO website design.

articles options 3 hide email

Global Article Options

We show you how to change Global Article OPTIONS, including the above setting, in our separate article.

Read more: Gobal Article OPTIONS.


View Official Joomla! DocumentationArticle Management


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