Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKThe Joomla! CMS is equipped with a range of Installer Plugins.

These are provided to help you update your website's Joomla! CMS and extensions when an update is for some reason not compatible with the default Joomla! Update Component.

In this article we outline how to use each Installer Plugin when you cannot update your website's extensions or Joomla! CMS using the Joomla! Update Component provided.

We cover how to use the default Joomla! Update Component in our separate article.

Read more: How yo update your Joomla! CMS and extensions.


Heads Up

Updates can break your website.

Always perform a FULL back up of your website before updating extensions and the Joomla! CMS.

Read more: How to backup your Joomla! CMS.


Contents include:

How to use the:
Install from Upload Plugin,
Install from Folder Plugin,
Install from Web Plugin,
Install from URL Plugin.
How to update an extension using each Installer Plugin.
How to de-activate and re-activate an Installer Plugin.

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