How to upload and link to PDF files

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukIn this article we illustrate how to upload PDF files and link to PDF files from within an article.

PDF means Portable Document Format.

This file format is readable when the recipient has a PDF Reader application installed on their device.

Most modern devices used to browse the internet are equipped with such applications.

Use PDF format rather than DOC

We recommend using the PDF file format when making document files available for viewing and download from your website.

PDF files are more accessible.

They can be opened and viewed in the web browser without having to be downloaded first.

Links to DOC files are quite scary in that the link when selected triggers the download of the linked file.

This behaviour could leave your website visitors vulnerable to your unwitting spread of malware and viruses.

What happens when you select a link to a PDFs & DOC file

We have created these links to enable you to compare what happens when a website visitor selects a link to a file of each format.

pdficon largeExample PDF File


wordExample DOC File


We think you will agree that the way links to DOC files trigger immediate file download is disconcerting.


DOC vs DOCX File Format

The newer versions of Microsoft Office use the DOCX file extension.

DOCX may not by default be listed as a Legal Extension in your Joomla! CMS.

You can add DOCX or any other file format to the list of Legal Extensions via the Media screen in your website's dashboard.

Read more: How to add file formats.