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Learn here how to manage your contacts - including your own contact details.

The Contacts Component enables you to provide contact information and a Contact Form for website visitors to use.

You can do this via the Contacts Component screen in your website's Dashboard - see below.

Getting Started

Select Contacts under Components in the sidebar of your website's Dashboard to edit your website's Contact details.

dashboard contacts

Select the Contacts link in the sidebar of the Dashboard.

Select a Contact to edit from the Contacts screen.

In a WYNCHCO Website Design we call the default Contact 'Call to Action'.

You can change the name of the default Contact in the individual Contact screen under the Edit Contact tab.

Publication of a Contact Form requires that you add an Email Address to your contact details.

The Email Address field is highlighted in the image below.

The image shows the Edit Contact tab for an individual Contact.

contact details 1

contact details 2

contact details 3

contact details 4

Select the Options button at the top right of the Contacts screen in your website's Dashboard.

options button

These Contact Options settings will be applied globally to all Contacts.

But can be overridden for any one Contact in the individual Contact or Menu Item screen - see blue box in image below.

This image shows the top portion of the Contact Options screen.

contact options extract

Publication of a Contact Form requires that Contact Options include the following setting:

Email = Show.

contact options email show

The publication of a Contact Form for any one Contact requires three things:

  1. Contact Options: Email = Show,
  2. Contact Options - Form Tab: Contact Form = Show, and
  3. Contact Details for any one Contact include an Email Address.


Contact Options Screen

This image shows an extract form the Form tab in the Contact Options screen.

contact options contact form extract

Individual Contact Screen

This image shows an extract form the Form tab in the individual Contact screen.

If the global setting (in Contact Options) for the Contact Form = Hide then it is necessary to change the Contact Form Field to = Show if you want to display a Contact Form for an individual Contact.

contact details form extract


Privacy Tool Suite and Contact Forms

Introduced in 2021, the Privacy Tool Suite was introduced to help website owners and administrators avoid breaking the law related to data protection and privacy.

When used correctly it adds a required Privacy Policy consent checkbox to your website's contact form.

Read more: Privacy Tool Suite.


Captcha - reCaptcha and Contact Forms

Keep out the spam bots.

This can be achieved through use of a Captcha - reCaptcha plugin.

Read more: Captcha - reCaptcha.


Contact Us Menu Link

The appearance of the Contact Us page is determined by:

  • Contact Options settings, and
  • individual Contact details.

The Contact Us Menu Link settings may also need to be changed.

Read on.


Contents include:

Create a Contact.
Edit Contact Details.
Create a Contact Category.
How to change global Contacts settings.
Keep out the bots.
Customise Contact Labels.
Add extra Fields to the Contact Form.
Edit a Contact Menu Link.

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