Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKCustom Modules can be used to display content in the same way as an Article.

So what is different about a Custom Module?

Unlike an Article, a Custom Module can be displayed both:

  • outside the Main Body in any Position which exists in a Template Position Map, and
  • inside an Article itself when the Loadposition Command is used.

Read more: Position Maps.

Read more: How to display Modules inside Articles.


Example Custom Module: Copyright

A WYNCHCO Website Design provides you with two complementary methods for displaying a Copyright in your website:

These are using:

  • a WYNCHCO Template Style Set, and/or
  • a Custom Module called Copyright Statement.

The second method uses a Custom Module which by default is unpublished.

If you would like to use it then follow these steps.

Toggle the Status button next to the name of the Module from a Grey Circle to a Green Tick to publish the Copyright Module.

When published, the Copyright Module with be displayed at the bottom of your website.

custom module copyright statement 1

Add your own text and/or images to customise the Copyright Module.

When done, select the Save & Close button.

custom module copyright statement 2

Read more: How to edit a Custom Module.


Contents include:

Example Custom Module: Copyright Statement.
How to create a Custom Module.
How to edit a Custom Module.

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