The Benefits of Custom Style Sets

A Template included with a WYNCHCO Website Design includes a wide range of additional Custom Style Sets.

These are provided to enable you:

  • control when content (text, images, modules) is displayed in response to the device and screen size being used by a visitor;
  • separately control the look and feel of a Custom Module,
  • separately control the appearance of Text or an Image.

Significant benefits arise from being able to exert such control, including:

  • faster page load speeds on small screen devices.
  • improved performance in search engines.
  • enhanced user experience resulting in repeat visits.

Our Templates also include an extra Style Sheet called:

  • editor.css

to enable to quickly and easily assign a Custom Style when editing website content.

Read more: Joomla! Templates.


Contents include:

Custom Style Sets,
Control when content is displayed,
How you can add your own Custom Styles.

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