How to change Article Editing Layout 

Select the OPTIONS button from the top right of the ARTICLES screen - see image below - to determine LAYOUT when editing an ARTICLE.

cp article options button

Then select the EDITING LAYOUT tab - see image below.

articles options screen edit layout tab

When we configure a WYNCHCO website design we choose to simplify the EDITING LAYOUT.

You may however change the EDITING LAYOUT settings via the Editing Layout tab of the OPTIONS screen.


How to LOCALLY change Editing Layout settings

When editing an Article you can LOCALLY change the EDITING LAYOUT options.

To do so select the CONFIGURE EDIT SCREEN tab and change the settings.

This is what this tab looks like in a WYNCHCO website design.

editing layout articles local

Select YES for each of the settings highlighted in the above image:

  • Administrator Images and Links,
  • Front End Images and Links,

to display an additional tab called Images and Links - highlighted in the image below.

articles images links tab 

Select YES to see the Images and Links tab be displayed (highlighted in the above image).

Visit the following link for more information about the Images and Links tab.

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