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Before you can insert any image into an Article, you must first upload the image.

In this article we cover how to work with images using the Image Manager function of the JCE Content Editor.

The default content editor in a Joomla! CMS website is TinyMCE.

But we prefer to use the JCE Content Editor and so we focus here on how to use JCE to add images to your website.

The JCE Image Manager

The Image Manager is possibly the most useful feature of the JCE Content Editor.

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Get organised

RESIZE, RENAME and REFORMAT images before you upload them.

Also, store image originals on your computer in the same way as on the server.

FREE Image Editors

If you do not wish to edit your images and only to convert their format then a basic image editor application should do the job but there are also lots of free resources on the web.

Read more: FREE Image Editors.



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