Login Module

WYNCHCO website designs include a LOGIN MODULE which is published by default.

We recommend that you unpublish or hide the Login Module if you prefer edit website content via the Dashboard.

Recommended, unless you have a team of bloggers with restricted permissions who prefer to edit website content from the Front End.



Here is what the LOGIN MODULE by default looks like in the Front End.

It is by default visible on every page in the BASE position.

It can however be displayed in any Position you choose.

We tell you how in this article.


You may wish to display a Remember Me checkbox in your website's Login Module.

When you do it will be displayed below the PASSWORD field.

login remember


Publish the System - Remember Me Plugin in your website's Dashboard to display a REMEMBER ME check box.

login loggedin

You may wish to display a Manage Your Profile link in your website's Login Module after a user has signed in.

When you do it will be displayed above the SIGN OUT button.

login loggedin manage profile


Select the MANAGE PROFILE check box in the Login Module screen to display the MANAGE YOUR PROFILE link.

Contents include:

Login Module in the Front End.
How to configure the Login Module in the website Dashboard.

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