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WYNCHCO Website Designs include an Exemplar Blog.

This Blog comprises several disparate elements.

These are illustrated in the image below.

  • Blog Category.
  • Blog Post Articles.
  • Blog Menu Link.
  • Blog Modules.

And described in more detail in the Blog Elements section below.

blog front end

By default, the main elements of a Blog in a WYNCHCO Website Design are as follows.

Blog Menu Link

A Menu Item called Blog, linking to the Blog category.

Menu item type: Articles - Category Blog Menu Link.

Note: you could instead display a list of Blog Posts using a Category List Menu Link.

Blog Category

Whatever text and images you add to the Blog Category (in the Articles: Categories screen of your website Dashboard) will be displayed as an introduction to the Blog.

The introduction will be displayed above Blog Post Articles.

Blog Post Articles

Blog Post Articles in a Category called Blog to which the Blog Menu Item is linked.

Latest Posts

An Articles - Latest Module which presents links to the most recent Blog Posts.

Popular Posts

An Articles - Most Read Module which presents links to the most read Blog Posts.


A Custom Module called Archive, containing a link to display Archived Articles (the link referred to is in the Hidden Menu).

And an Archived Articles Module which displays links to Archived Blog Post Articles by month.

The Custom Module called Archive is displayed even when no Articles have been archived.

The Archived Articles Module is only displayed when you have archived old Blog Post Articles.

User Menu Link: Create a Blog Post

Users with special permissions can create Blog Posts using this Menu Link (visible in the User Menu called Interact after signing in).


Contents include:

Blog Structure.
How to create a Blog Post.
How to create a Blog Menu Link.
Latest Posts.
Popular Posts.
Archived Posts.

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