Joomla! Statistics Plugin

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThis plugin is designed to submit anonymous data to the Joomla Project to enable monitoring of Joomla! CMS usage with a view to ensuring that future versions of Joomla can take advantage of the latest database and PHP features without affecting significant numbers of users.

Example: determine what proportion of users are hosting their Joomla! website on servers using PHP 7.

joomla usage stats

The following data is submitted anonymously - when plugin enabled:

  • Joomla version,
  • PHP version,
  • database engine and version, and
  • server operating system. 

This plugin is disabled by default in WYNCHCO website designs.

Reason: we believe there are other less intrusive ways that the Joomla! Project could monitor Joomla! CMS usage.


Contents include:

How to activate the System - Joomla! Statistics Plugin.

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