Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKHere are a few useful pointers for when you want to present video content via your website.

There are a number of issues to consider: file upload & storage, streaming limits and website security.

When you have read this article you may prefer to simply upload your videos to a streaming service provider like YouTube.

And then include a link from your website to these videos as and when appropriate.

If you want to embed video in your website then we can provide support.

Contact Customer Support.


File Upload & Storage

Most providers of shared server hosting impose Server Upload Limits which prevent uploading of very large files (example: greater than 4 MB).

Video files are usually quite large and so this may be the first obstacle you face.

You could use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload very large files but this is not without risk - see below.

The second obstacle will be that your Joomla! CMS by default prevents upload of certain file types, including video files.


Streaming Limits

Both of these obstacles can be overcome but even then you may be prevented from streaming the video files you upload.

Reason: many web hosting companies enforce quite strict limits on how much bandwidth is available for streamed content at any one time.

If you are using the JCE Content Editor then you can see what the Server Upload Limit is when you select:

Components > JCE Editor > Profiles

from the menu at the top of your website's dashboard, and then

Default > Editor Parameters Tab > Filesystem.

The Server Upload Limit will be highlighted as shown in the image below.

Click image to view larger version.

jce profiles editor params filesystem upload 

Whilst the above image shows 4 MB, the figure will vary from server to server.

If you require a larger figure to be applied to your hosting account - let's say 8 MB - then you should contact your web hosting company.

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You can add video file types to the list of Legal Extensions (file types which may be uploaded to your website) in the Media screen of your website dashboard.

Select the Component tab to view Legal Extensions.

global config media prevent upload flash


The Maximum Size indicated in the Media screen's Component tab will not override the Server Upload Limit if the latter is lower.

See previous tab for how to increase the Server Upload Limit.

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You might consider using the services of a 3rd party video streaming website like YouTube.

Owned by Google, YouTube supports embedding of a scrip within your website to serve video hosted on their servers via your website if you wish.

A number of 3rd party developers provide extensions to enable you to embed scripts to load externally hosted video.

Example: JW Allvideos.

Contents include:

File Upload and limits.
Streaming limits.
Think SECURITY when working with video.
Alternative ways to stream YouTube videos.
How to stream video from YouTube via your website using JW Allvideos.

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