Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKThere are a number of issues to consider before adding lots of multimedia content to your website.

These include file transfer limits and streaming limits.

The type of file format you want to use may also not be permitted without changing the default Joomla! CMS Media settings.


Issues to consider

Video files are usually quite large and many hosting providers impose Server Upload Limits which prevent the upload of very large files.

You could alternatively upload large files to the server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) but security issues can arise if not used with care.

See our separate article.

Read more: File Transfer Protocol.

There will usually be bandwidth limits imposed by the server on which you host your website. These may be quickly breached if you choose to stream video from files which you have uploaded to your website's server.

Many shared hosting service providers also prohibit the hosting of streamed content.

If you can find a hosting provider which does not impose limits then there is the issue of cost. Increased bandwidth will require increased budget allocation.

The Joomla! CMS by default does not permit the upload of certain file types, which might include the video file format you want to use.

Read more: Working with Media.



Host videos with an external streaming service provider

Example: YouTube.

When you choose to host video content with a provider like YouTube then you can avoid all of the above issues.

Instead of hosting a media file as part of your website you can embed any number of videos hosted with a streaming service provider within your website's pages.

This can be achieved using a Third Party Extension.

Third Party Cookies

Embedding externally hosted videos in your website will result in your website loading Cross-site Cookies in visitors' web browsers.

This could mean your website is in breach of UK GDPR Regulations.

Read more: Mozilla Support - Third Party Trackers.

Read more: Ensure your website complies with UK GDPR Regulations.

There are many such extensions though very few which are free.

If you plan to add only a small number of externally hosted videos to your website then an easy to use free extension is called OSYouTube.

If you want to display lots of externally hosted videos then you may wish to consider using a commercial extension like All Video Share.

The developer also provides a free version of this extension but its use is restricted to displaying video files hosted on your website's server.

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Issues to consider.
Host videos with an external streaming service provider.
Third party cookies.
What if you only want to display a few videos in your website?

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