Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKThere are a number of issues to consider before adding lots of multimedia content to your website.

These include file transfer limits and streaming limits.

The type of file format you want to use may also not be permitted without changing the default Joomla! CMS Media settings.



File Upload Limits

Video files are usually quite large and many hosting providers impose Server Upload Limits which prevent the upload of very large files.

You could alternatively upload large files to the server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) but security issues can arise if not used with care.

See our separate article.

Read more: File Transfer Protocol.


Streaming Limits

Many hosting providers may also place bandwidth limits which severely compromise the hosting of streamed video and audio.

Check your hosting provider's terms and conditions.


File Format

The Joomla! CMS by default does not permit the upload of certain file types, which might include the video file format you want to use.

See our separate article.

Read more: Working with Media.



Use an External Steaming Service Provider

Using an external streaming service provider to stream video and audio content will avoid having to pay significantly higher hosting charges resulting from increased use of bandwidth arising from the serving of streamed content from the server hosting your website.

Lots of 3rd party extension developers provide extensions to assist with the display and streaming of externally hosted video and audio without the need to upload files to the server hosting your website. Bandwidth is also not affected.

We like JW AllVideos.

Read on.

Contents include:

File Upload and limits.
Streaming limits.
Think security when working with video.
Alternative ways to stream videos.
How to stream video.

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