Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKPage Navigation refers to the buttons which appear by default at the bottom of Articles in certain situations.

These buttons are by default labelled Previous and Next.

Their purpose is to enable rapid movement from one article to another within the same category.

The buttons could however be more helpful.

Fortunately you can make this happen!


Blog posts in a Blog Category.

News posts in a News Category.


Make Page Navigation Buttons more useful and search friendly

You can change the Content - Page Navigation Plugin settings for your website via the Plugins screen of your website's dashboard.

You can change the default settings to ones which provide visitors with a hint of what is in the next Article.

Instead of seeing something like this:

page nav buttons default

visitors will see something more useful like this:

page nav buttons revised


Contents include:

Make Page Navigation Buttons more useful and search friendly.
How to change Page Navigation Plugin settings.

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