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The purpose of the Breadcrumbs Module is to lay a trail of breadcrumbs as a visitor navigates their way through your website.

The breadcrumbs show the path the visitor has followed.

Each step in the breadcrumb trail is a hyperlink, enabling the visitor to retrace their steps.

The tabs below illustrate how we configure the Breadcrumbs Module in a WYNCHCO Website Design.

By default the Breadcrumbs Module is visible in the Front End at all times.

breadcrumbs front end

You can of course choose not to display Breadcrumbs, simply be unpublishing the Breadcrumbs Module in the Modules screen of your website's Dashboard.

You can also choose when Breadcrumbs are displayed in your website.

And in a WYNCHCO Website Design you can choose where on screen the Breadcrumbs are displayed.

In a WYNCHCO Website Design you can chose where on the screen the Breadcrumbs are to be displayed.


Display Breadcrumbs above Articles in Landscape View.

Display Breadcrumbs below Articles in Portrait View.

modules breadcrumbs template styles views

Contents include:

Front End.
Dashboard: choose where on screen Breadcrumbs are displayed.
Dashboard: choose when Breadcrumbs are displayed.
Dashboard: Breadcrumbs and Smart Search.
Dashboard: Breadcrumbs and Accessibility.

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