Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKChanging the text created by the Joomla! CMS, as opposed to the text created by you when you edit a website Article, requires creating a Language Override.

One example of text created by the Joomla! CMS is the text displayed on a Login Button.

The text states LOG IN.

We prefer SIGN IN.

The text displayed can be changed but requires a Language Override.

In this article we show you how to:

  • create a Language Override, and
  • edit an existing one

via the Language Overrides screen of your website's Dashboard.


Create a new Language Override

Follow the steps below.

Click on Language Overrides in the Manage Panel of the System Dashboard.

language override 1

First select the Language & Client for which you want to edit.

Example: United Kingdom - Site.

  • Site = Front End.
  • Administrator = Dashboard.

Then select NEW.

language override 2

Toggle the SEARCH FOR dropdown and select either CONSTANT or VALUE.

VALUE = the appearance of language in the Front End.

CONSTANT = how language displayed in Front End is referenced in underlying code.

In this example we select VALUE.

language override 3


CONSTANT used by underlying code.

VALUE displayed in website.

  • Value = Please login to view the article.

Use the SEARCH TEXT field on right of screen and choose a VALUE you want to change.

In this example, the chosen Value = Please Login to view the article

(note there is NO punctuation at the end of the phrase, for example, comma or full stop).

When selected the Value is displayed in the TEXT field on the left of screen - where you can edit it.

When done select SAVE & CLOSE.

language override 5


The Language Override you have created will be listed when you select Language Overrides in the Manage Panel of the System Dashboard.

Front End

The VALUE displayed will be the one determined by your Language Override.

Change your mind?

Simply select the check box next to any one item listed in the Language Overrides screen.

And select DELETE.

The default VALUE will then be restored and used by your website.

Change a Language Override

WYNCHCO website designs include a number of Language Overrides.

For example: instead of presenting a LOG IN button when displaying a Login Module, we prefer to display a SIGN IN button.

If you would rather display LOG IN then you can simply delete the Language Override.

If you would like to change the form of words used, then you can edit the Language Override.


Contents include:

Create a new Language Override.
Edit an existing Language Override.
Example: Change Log in Button to Sign in Button.
Delete a Language Override.

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