Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKWhen we customise a WYNCHCO website design we will also make the necessary changes to personalise your website for you.

This article tells you how you can subsequently make such changes yourself.


Contact Details

It is good practice to tell your audience how they can contact you: maybe your address and/or telephone number, your email address and maybe even via a Contact Form.

These are all possible using the Joomla! CMS Contacts Component.

It enables you to publish any number of Contact pages.

By default the CONTACT US page looks like this in a WYNCHCO Website Design.

You can change its features when you select the OPTIONS button at the top of the CONTACTS component screen in your website's dashboard.

You will see that by default we hide the Contact Form.

If you decide to display such a form then we recommend using a spam captcha plugin.

Read more: Using the CONTACTS Component.

personalise contact details

About Miscellaneous Information

This is a section of the Contact page where you can display more useful information about your organisation.

In our own website we change its name to ABOUT US.

You can do the same if you wish, using a Language Override.

Read more: Language Overrides.


Copyright Statement

A WYNCHCO Website Design provides you with two complementary methods for displaying a COPYRIGHT statement in your website:

These are using:

  • a WYNCHCO Template Style Set, and/or
  • a Custom Module called Copyright Statement.

The first method is useful if all you want to display is a simple one line statement.

The second method provides the option of displaying a more complex statement, including images if you wish.

We use a combination of both in our JOOMLERS.UK website.

Example: JOOMLERS.UK short copyright statement published using a Custom Style Set.

example copyright statement style

We illustrate using the Copyright Statement Custom Module in our separate article.

Read more: Change Look & Feel of a WYNCHCO Website Design.

Example: JOOMLERS.UK complex copyright statement published using a CustomModule.

example copyright statement module

We show how to edit Custom Modules, including the Copyright Statement custom module, in our separate article.

Read more: Working with Custom Modules.


Contents include:

Contact Details.
Copyright Statement.
Mail settings.
Content Editor settings.
Captcha-Recaptcha settings.
Server Time Zone Setting.

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