Page Cache Plugin

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe Page Cache Plugin enables page caching.

Page caching allows the web server to save snapshots of pages and use them when serving web pages. This improves the performance of your web site and reduces the workload of the server.


We enable page caching in our company websites to increase the speed of page loads when visitors are browsing our websites.

For best results also install and configure JCH Optimize Plugin.

We recommend subscribing to use the PRO version.

Read more: JCH Optimize Plugin.


When page caching is enabled you will usually need to clear the cache before you can see changes you have made in the front end.

We recommend that you clear the cache - when enabled - after making changes to website content.

See below for how to clear the cache.


How to enable Page Caching

To enable page caching requires changes in two website dashboard screens:

  • System - Page Cache Plugin screen, and
  • Global Configuration.

Read on.


Contents include:

How to enable pache caching.
How to clear the cache.

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