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A Template is an extension which enables you to control the Look and Feel of your website.

A Template includes one or more Style Sheets.

A WYNCHCO Template Design comprises:

  • three Style Sheets,

  • dozens of Custom Styles organised into groups,

  • each of which can be changed in an instant via the website Dashboard

putting control of your website's Look & Feel at your finger tips.

A WYNCHCO Template Design makes it easy to change the appearance of your website with just a few mouse clicks.

Read more: How to change Look and Feel.


This Style Sheet is included with the 'off the shelf' Joomla! CMS.

It contains the building blocks which determine the appearance of all Joomla! websites, including the provision of the CSS Grid System.

We use the CSS Grid System to determine how Modules are displayed in your website. 


This Style Sheet is added by us when we create a bespoke WYNCHCO Website Design for you.

The unique Look and Feel of your website is determined by this Style Sheet.


We add this Style Sheet to a WYNCHCO Template to enable you to add your own style sets which can be easily applied when you edit website content using the JCE Content Editor.

Follow the steps below to view the content of each individual Style Sheet included with a WYNCHCO Template Design.

1) Open the Site Templates screen.

Select System to open the System Dashboard.

Next select Site Templates from the Templates panel.

templates templates 1

2) Select the Template for which you want to view Style Sheets.

templates templates 2

3) Select CSS from sidebar.

templates templates 3

4) Select the CSS file you wish to view (in this example: user.css).

templates templates 4

Follow the steps below to change a Custom Style Set (Example: SITE - Website Width).

1) Open the Site Template Styles screen.

Select System to open the System Dashboard.

Next select Site Template Styles from the Templates panel.

templates styles 1

2) Select the Template for which you want to view and edit a Custom Style Set (in this example: 4-3-0-94).

website design warrington cheshire styles 1

3) Select a Custom Style tab (in this example: Site).

templates templates styles 2

4) Change a Custom Style element (in this example: Website Width).

In this example you can toggle between FIXED Width and FULL Width to change the width of your website  when it is viewed in browsers on large screen devices.

templates templates styles 3


Contents include:

How to install a Template.
How to change the Default Template.
Issues to consider when changing Template.
How to uninstall old Templates.
How to duplicate a Template.
Introducing HTML Overrides.
How to assign a Template to a Menu Link.
Positions and Position Maps.

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