Checks after updating the Joomla! CMS

Select Extensions > Manage from the menu at the top of your website's control panel after every Joomla! update.

And check the following screens.

Also, pay attention to Post Installation Messages

After performing a Joomla! CMS update you may see a NOTICE at the top of your website's Control Panel.

Make sure you read the messages!

NEVER ignore messages which impact on SECURITY.

components post installation messages header

Read more: Post-installation Messages.

Optional additional checks

Not all JOOMLERS are keen to get under the bonnet.

For example, to familiarise themselves with their Joomla! CMS website's:

  • directory & file structure (using File Manager in hosting control panel),
  • database structure (via PhpMyAdmin in hosting control panel), or
  • version of PHP (see PHP Switcher screen in cPanel hosting control panel).

If however you are responsible for a business or community group website, then we recommend that you do all of the above.