How to update the Joomla! CMS

It is vital that your website is using the latest available version and release of the Joomla! CMS.

You can follow the steps below to update your website's Joomla! CMS.



It is critical that you keep your Joomla! CMS up-to-date. Not doing so may result in your website being exploited by hackers.

Perform a FULL backup of your website (database & files) before you update the Joomla! CMS.

Reason: any one update has the potential to break your website.

Read more: How to back up your website.


Method 1: Install the Update Button

Method 2: UPLOAD and UPDATE Tab

When you select the Install the Update button you should not experience any issues.

But if when you do an update fails to complete, you can try to update the Joomla! CMS using the Upload & Update tab on the Joomla! Update screen.

update joomla check 3

You may need to use this method if the server hosting your website is behind a firewall, or it is unable to connect with the Joomla! Project's update servers.

This method requires that you download the Joomla Upgrade Package in ZIP format (i.e. a ZIP file) from the official Joomla download page (at

And then:

  • select the Browse button provided (see next image), and
  • select the Upload & Install button

to upload the ZIP file and install the latest Joomla! release.

Click to view larger image.

update joomla check 4

Installation Method

You may choose one of three alternative installation methods.

  • Write files directly (default method).
  • Hybrid (use FTP only if needed.
  • Write files using FTP.

The Joomla! Project recommend using the default method.

Warning Messages

If you see any warning messages (for example, PHP temporary folder is not set) as in the above image, check out our article at the following link.

Read more: WARNING Messages.


What if Methods 1 and 2 fail?

Contact your hosting provider's Technical Support to ask them if they can fix the problem for you.

If not then move your website to a different hosting provider.

Reason: Joomla! CMS Updates occur frequently (monthly).

Need help. Just ask.

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