How to update 3rd party extensions

Joomla! Extension means any component, package, plugin, module, template, language, library or other application used by the Joomla! CMS.

Here we cover how to check for and update 3rd Party Joomla! Extensions.


How to check for 3rd party extension updates

When you sign into your website's control panel you should see an alert message at the top of the screen if there are any new releases available for any installed 3rd party extensions.

You can also check for updates when you either:

  • select Extensions > Manage > Update from the menu at the top of your website's control panel,
  • select the Extension Updates button - see below.

If you have not seen any extension update alerts for a while, try refreshing your browser.

ONLY updates for those installed 3rd party extensions which comply with the Joomla! Update System will be listed.

Not all 3rd party extensions comply with the Joomla! Update System

Installed extensions which do not comply with the Joomla! Update System have to be manually updated.

But first you will need to scan the JED for available updates.

If your websites uses lots of extensions this can be quite tedious.

All the more reason to use as few as possible.

And to replace extensions which do not comply with the Joomla! Update System with ones which do!

Read more: How to perform a Manual Update.


Back up before updating any 3rd party Joomla! extension

Any update can break your website.

Perform a FULL backup of your website (database and files) before installing any update. 

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