How to update 3rd party extensions

Extensions are add-ons which expand the functionality of the Joomla! CMS.

They should be kept up to date.

You can update a 3rd party extension by following the steps below.

What if an extension update fails?

You can update a 3rd party extension either by:

If you have to frequently perform a 'manual update' to update 3rd party extensions then you should contact your hosting provider's Technical Support.

If they are unable to help then you should move your website to a different hosting provider.

We can help. Just ask.

Contact WYNCHCO Customer Support.



It is critical that you keep 3rd party extensions up to date. Not doing so may result in your website being exploited by hackers.

Perform a FULL backup of your website (database & files) before you update a 3rd party extension.

Reason: any one update has the potential to break your website.

Read more: How to back up your website.


Some FAQs


Joomla Extensions Update Help Screen