The Discover Utility

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The Discover Utility enables you to work around problems updating and upgrading your Joomla! CMS and its extensions.

For example, when attempting to install a VERY LARGE 3rd party extension.

Or when migrating from one Joomla! series to another, for example, from Joomla! 2.5 to Joomla! 3.5.


Installing VERY LARGE 3rd Party Extensions

The Discover Utility provides a method for installing large extensions which cannot be installed using the normal process.

One reason might be that there is a limit on the file size that may be uploaded to your website's server.


Upgrading Joomla! from Series to Series

Another instance when the Discover Utility is useful is when upgrading from one Joomla! series to another.

For example NEW

It may be necessary to use the Discover Utility to complete the installation of these NEW core extensions.


The Discovery Utility Screen

Select Extensions > Manage > Discover to view the Discover Utility screen.

extenions discover screen 


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