How to reset the Article Hits Counter

This is not an uncommon request.

articles hits before

articles hits after

There are two ways:

  1. install a 3rd Party Extension, or
  2. run an SQL Query in PhpMyAdmin via your Hosting dashboard.

The second option sounds the most challenging but it is the quickest method.

And the one we recommend.

Joomla! Extensions Directory

We prefer to use as few 3rd party extensions as possible, but if you would rather use one for this task then you will find a number listed in the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED).

To find them, visit the JED and search for 'reset article hits'.

Visit: Joomla! Extensions Directory.


How to reset Article Hits by running an SQL Query

First, sign into your Hosting dashboard.

Then select the button  labelled PhpMyAdmin to access your website's database.

You will then be able to run the necessary SQL Query.

To open the SQL tab simply click on the SQL link.

See image below.

reset hit counter phpmyadmin sql 1

Enter the following SQL command in the large field (see image below) and select GO to reset ALL article hits:

UPDATE `#_content` SET `hits` = 0


Before you do, replace # in the above command with the Database Prefix for your website.

The Database Prefix is the sequence of letters/numbers  before the underscore ( _ ) in the name of each database table.


If Database Prefix were 1234 then the SQL command will be:

UPDATE `1234_content` SET `hits` = 0

reset hit counter phpmyadmin sql 2 

Scroll down to select the GO button to confirm the command.

reset hit counter phpmyadmin sql 3


You will not be able to undo this change except be restoring a previous back up copy of your website.

For this reason, we advise making a FULL backup of your website before resetting the Article Hits Counter.

Read more: How to back up your Joomla! CMS website.