Article Information

There is a wide range of article information that you can choose to display either above or below any one or all Articles published in your website.

For example: Author Details and Published Date.

WYNCHCO website designs by default hide most article information, including:

  • User Rating,
  • Author Details,
  • Published Date Details,
  • Number of Hits.

Reason: to achieve a nice clean uncluttered display.

The  one piece of information which is displayed by default is the date when an Article was last updated.

This tells readers whether or not an Article is current - see image below.

article details eg 

How to change which Article Information is displayed

You can determine which Article Information is displayed by changing Article OPTIONS on two different levels:

  • globally (ALL Articles), or
  • locally (ONE Article at a time).

Your choice of which information will be displayed globally (ALL Articles) will be overridden by whatever choice you make locally (for any ONE Article).