How to create a Menu Link

The process of creating a Menu Item (or Link) is more or the less the same, regardless of type.

Here we focus on two really useful types of Menu Link:

  • Single Article Menu Link, and
  • Category Blog Menu Link.


Create a SINGLE ARTICLE Menu Link



The Category Blog Menu Item is another very useful type of Menu Link.

This Menu Item will present linked content in the form of a blog.

In other words, it will present more than one Article on screen at any one time.

We show you how to create this type of Menu Link in our Blogging with Joomla! article.

Read more: How to Create a Category Blog Menu Item.



The Category List Menu Link will present a LIST of Articles in a Category of your choice.

The basic process is the same as for any other kind of Menu Item.

What's different?

You can control how the list of Articles is displayed.