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You will see various references to Headings and Titles when you create and edit Articles and Menu Links.

Understanding how Headings and Titles work will improve your website's accessibility and its performance in search results.


If you want to gain a better understanding of what is meant by Accessibility then please refer to this website's Accessibility Statement.

Read more: Accessibility Statement.


Some Definitions

The Article Title is the name of the Article as listed in the Articles screen of your website's control panel.

Add text to the Title field to create the Article Title.

article title field

By default the Joomla! CMS will display the Article Title as a H1 Heading in the Front End.

This is good because search engines penalise website content that does not prominently display a H1 Heading.

Accessibility is also impeded when content is not structured using H1, H2, H3 and so on Headings.

The very first line in every Article should be a H1 Heading.


Article Title and SEO

A good H1 Heading for SEO should reflect:

  1. the title you enter in the Article's Meta Title field,
  2. the first sentence of the Article which follows the H1 Heading,
  3. the text you enter in the Article's Meta Description field.

We cover Meta Title and Meta Description in the tab below labelled Meta Title.


Contents include:

Article Title.
H1 Heading.
H2 and H3 Heading.
H4 H5 and H6 Heading.
Headings in Articles separated by Page Breaks.
Headings in Blog Articles.
Page Heading.
Browser Page Title.
Menu Item Title.
Meta Title.

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