How to create & publish a Menu

This is a TWO STEP process.

  1. create a Menu using the Menus > Manage screen.
  2. create a Menu Module to publish the new Menu where you want it to be displayed.


STEP 1: Create a Menu

Once your Menu has been created you can add Menu Links.

The Menu will not however be visible until you create a Menu Module to control when and where it will be displayed in your website.

See STEP 2.



Select the NEW button to create a NEW Menu. 

menus new


Menu Title = Top Menu

Menu Type = top-menu

Description = top-menu


menu manager menus menu edit


STEP 2: Create a Menu Module

A Menu Module is needed to publish your Menu where you want it to be displayed in your website.


modules new

In this example we will choose Menu.


The new  Module will be used to control display of a Menu.

module manager new type

First we need to name the Module and because it is to be used to control a Menu, select the Menu to be controlled.

By default the Menu Module will publish the chosen menu On all pages.

You can however choose to only display any one Menu as you please.

See other options in the drop-down.

module manager new menu assign

Finally, you may wish to control the formatting of the Module using the fields highlighted below.

This will require advanced knowledge.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Duplicate an existing Module.

If the purpose of your NEW Menu Module is to display a Menu in the RIGHT position (i.e. right sidebar), then DUPLICATE an existing Menu Module which does just that for a different Menu.

Then simply change the name of the Menu to be displayed by the Menu Module.

Read more: How to duplicate a Module.

Read more: Working with Menu Modules.