How to assign a Module to a Position

In other words, control WHERE it is displayed.

Published MODULES will not be visible in your website until they have been ASSIGNED to a POSITION.

In a WYNCHCO website design, the Position to which a Module is assigned will also determine WHEN it is visible, depending upon:

  • the device and
  • screen size

used by the visitor.

The Position to which a Module has been assigned will determine whether it is visible on:

  • PCs & Tablets (landscape) only, 
  • Phones & Tablets (portrait) only, or
  • ALL devices regardless of screen size.

Example: Assign a Custom Module to a Position

The process is the same regardless of module type.

In this example we refer to assigning a Custom Module.

Position Maps

The POSITION MAPS which apply to WYNCHCO Template Designs can be viewed in our separate article.

Read more: Template Position Maps.

Create new Positions

There are two ways in which POSITIONS can be created:

  1. by editing the Template, and
  2. by using the LOADPOSITION Command.

We recommend using the LOADPOSITION Command if you want to have more control over where content is displayed within your website.

Read more: How to use the LOADPOSITION Command.


Preview Positions

We show how to preview Positions via the Templates screen of your website's dashboard in our separate article.

Read more: How to preview Positions.

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