Control Module display by Device & Screen Size

WYNCHCO website designs incorporate STYLE SETS which determine by default how your website, its

  • LAYOUT and

is presented in response to the:

  • DEVICE, and

used by visitors to view your website.


MODULE Style Sets

MODULE Style Sets enable you to control when any one MODULE is displayed.

For example, display a Module:

  • only on PCs, or
  • on all devices except Phones.

Separate control of any one Module in this way requires the assignment of a STYLE SET to it.

First, sign into your website's dashboard; then:

  1. select Extensions > Modules from the menu at the top of the screen,
  2. scroll down and select a MODULE to edit,
  3. select the ADVANCED tab (see image below),
  4. enter the name of the STYLE SET in the field labelled Module Class Suffix.

When done, select SAVE and visit your website using the appropriate device to see the result.

custom module assign style set

Control when MODULES are displayed by device & screen size

Learn how to use MODULE Style Sets to determine when any one Module will be displayed in response to the device and screen size used by the website visitor.

Read more: Working with MODULE Style Sets.



Daunted at the prospect of assigning a Style Set?

No worries.

WYNCHCO website designs include exemplar content, including MODULES & BOXES with pre-assigned Style Sets.

Look for an existing MODULE that appears similar to one that you want to create.

Duplicate it.

You can then tweak its settings as required.

Read more: How to duplicate a MODULE.