How to duplicate a Module

Daunted at the prospect of creating a new MODULE?

No worries.

WYNCHCO website designs include lots of exemplar MODULES which have been pre-assigned by:

  • Position, and
  • Menu Link.

Look for an existing MODULE that appears similar to one that you want to create.

Duplicate it.

And then tweak its settings as required.

How to duplicate a MODULE

Sign into your website's dashboard.

Select Extensions > Modules from the menu at the top of the screen.

Look for the Duplicate icon inn the row of buttons at the top of the Modules screen.

Select the check box next to an existing Module.

Next  select the Duplicate button (see image below).

An exact copy of the selected Module will be created.

modules duplicate

The Duplicate Module will appear in the list next to the original, usually with the suffix (2) in the Title 1.

All you then need to do is:

  • change its name, and
  • publish it.

There may be a couple of other adjustments to make.

1 If it is the second duplicate then the suffix will be (3).



When you duplicate a MENU MODULE then you will most likely want it to display a different MENU.

menu module tab

When you duplicate a CUSTOM MODULE then you will most likely want to change its content i.e. text and images.

custom module add content


The Look & Feel of a MODULE is determined by the STYLE SETS assigned to it.

Assigning STYLE SETS can be confusing, and therefore time-consuming.

When you duplicate a MODULE you will not need to think about assigning a STYLE SET to it.

Reason: the duplicated Module will inherit the settings of the original.

This is why we include lots of exemplar MODULES in a WYNCHCO website design.