joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThere is no one screen where you can manage ALL Trash.

Trash is instead managed via the respective dashboard screen.

Example: trashed Articles are managed via the Articles screen.

The process is however the same for the following item types:

  • Articles - use Content > Articles screen,
  • Categories - use Content > Categories screen,
  • Modules - use Extensions > Modules screen,
  • Menu Items - use Menus > Manage screen.


Menus cannot be trashed via the Menus > Manage screen.

They can only be deleted.

Components, Plugins & Templates

These cannot be TRASHED in the first instance and then DELETED.

They can instead be DISABLED in the first instance and then UNINSTALLED.

Plugins may be disabled in the Extensions > Plugins screen.

Templates may be disabled in the Extensions > Templates screen.

Components, Plugins and Templates may be disabled and uninstalled via the Extensions screen.

Media Files

Media files can only be DELETED:

Read more: How to delete images in the Media screen.


To trash an item means to 'send an item to Trash'.

To delete an item means to 'permanently remove the item from Trash'.

Trash can be thought of as The Twilight Zone!

You can of course simply unpublish to remove an item from view in the Front End.

You may instead archive an item.

Read more: How to Archive an Article.


Contents include:

Menu Links.

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