How to fix broken links with Redirects Component

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe Redirect Component enables you to manage broken links that otherwise produce Page Not Found (404) errors.

You can use it to redirect broken links to specific pages in your website.


When to use the Redirect Component

If you care about search engine optimisation then you can use the Redirect Component to fix broken links.

The Redirect Component becomes active when you enable the Redirect Plugin.

Unfortunately, when you do this, your website will immediately start to record broken links arising from traffic to your website using an incorrect URL or trying to find content that no longer exists.

This automated recording of broken links will result in an ever bigger database. And a bloated database can impair your website's performance.

We therefore recommend that, once enabled, you frequently monitor and either fix or trash all broken links. 

Once trashed, remember to empty Trash or the broken links will still be listed in the database!

This can be a chore, but fortunately, since Joomla! 3.4, there is a way to fix existing broken links periodically and then temporarily disable the component from harvesting more broken links (which if not dealt with will bloat the database).

Read more: How to enable Redirects whilst avoiding database bloat.


Default WYNCHCO Website Setting

For the reason stated above, the Redirect Component in a WYNCHCO website design is disabled by default.


How to enable the Redirect Component

The Redirect Component enables you to:

  1. identify broken links within, and back-links to your website from other websites and directories;
  2. quickly and easily fix the broken links;
  3. actively redirect traffic aimed at one URL to another;
  4. fix links that you are about to break as a result of changes in your website's content and navigation structure;
  5. see how many hits each broken link has received.

You can enable the Redirect Component by enabling the Redirect Plugin.

This is done via your website's Plugins screen.

Read more: How to enable the Redirect Plugin.


Use Redirects to aid your Marketing Campaigns!

Create your own broken links and then fix them!

This counter-intuitive task will enable you to create a landing page with any URL you like and then create a second easier to use URL for inclusion in a marketing campaign.


  • the link you wish redirect traffic from should not be an existing link;
  • the link should be fictitious.

When your audience use the easy to remember link, the pre-configured Redirect Component will take them to your landing page.

Use Google Analytics to monitor the success of your campaign.


Points to watch!

The Redirects you create WILL NOT work unless:

  1. the Redirect Plugin is enabled, and
  2. the status of any one Redirect is published and thereby active (white tick in green circle).

Be sure to specify the full URL for the link which is broken (or you are about to break - see 4 above) and the new destination URL.

You may wish to check the resulting redirect works by trying to visit the link which you have just redirected!

Avoid creating lots of Soft 404 Errors - not good for SEO.

Read more: How to avoid Soft 404 Errors.


Contents include:

How to use the Redirect Component.
How to avoid Soft 404 Errors.
How to enable & disable the Redirect Plugin.

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