Introducing Modules 

Modules are lightweight and flexible extensions which enable you to control website layout.

Modules enable you to control when and where almost any kind of content is presented in your website.

Module is a control mechanism.

All Modules can be enabled or disabled according to which Menu Links a visitor selects.

Modules can be made visible when users are signed in, and invisible when they are not.

Read more: How Modules Control Website Layout.


Opening the Modules Screen

To open the Modules screen, select the button labelled Modules from the welcome screen of the dashboard. 


No need to reinvent the wheel

WYNCHCO websites designs contain lots of exemplar Modules already assigned to certain Module Positions.

If you want to display your Module in the same position as an existing one of the same type then simply DUPLICATE it!


When you open the Modules screen after logging into the dashboard, you will see a Duplicate icon at the top on the left.

Select an existing Module's tick box and then the Duplicate button to create an exact copy. 

modules duplicate 

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