How to edit a Custom Module

Here we tell you how to edit a Custom Module.

You can use the Content Editor to add or edit content in a Custom Module rather like you would in an Article.

And Users with Special Permissions can edit Custom Modules from the Front End (after signing in).

Front End

You can edit a Custom Module in the Front End of your website in the same way as you would an Article.

Sign in and look for a small button at the top right of the Custom Module you want to edit.

Click on the button (shown here) to see the Content Editor panel.

edit module front end


Edit a Custom Module after signing into your website's dashboard in the same way as you would edit an Article.

Select the Modules button from the Site panel in your website's Dashboard.


The image below shows the exemplar Custom Modules included with a WYNCHCO Website Deisgn.

To edit a Custom Module click on its name in the Modules screen.

exemplar content boxes

Under the Module tab, enter the Module Title in the Title Field.

Add text and images in the Content Editor panel (as you would when editing an Article).

custom module add content

custom module add content

custom module add content

Under the Options tab you can browse for an image to display as the Background Image of the Module.

We include exemplar Background Images in the Background folder of the Media screen of a WYNCHCO website design.

Use the Select button to browse for an image.

module custom edit 3 options

To add (or assign) a Style Set to a Module requires adding the name of the Style Set you wish to use to the Module Class field.

You will find the Module Class field under the Advanced tab of a Module screen in your website's dashboard.

See image below.

custom module assign style set

Custom Style Sets

WYNCHCO website designs include a wide range of Custom Style Sets to help you fine tune the look and feel of a Custom Module.

Read more: Custom Style Sets.