Recommended Image Widths

Use this table as a guide when deciding how wide an image should be for a given space.

Container width on small screen devices (phone, tablet, ipad) is fixed.

Choose either 940 or 1140 PX Container width on large screen devices (PC & laptop) in the Templates > Styles screen of your website dashboard.

Recommended image width:

  • on small screen devices applies regardless of whether you choose STATIC or FLUID display format in the Templates > Styles screen of your website's dashboard;
  • on large screen devices assumes STATIC display format (see note below).

Units = PX.

 Device  View  Container  1 sidebar (wide)  0 sidebars
 PC & laptop    940  690  940
     1140  890  1140
 Tablet  Portrait  580    580
   Landscape  940  690  940
 iPad  Portrait  750    750
   Landscape  985  750  985
 Phone  Portrait  340    340


FLUID display format when used results in website expanding to fill available screen width.

Images will not expand to greater than the size of image you upload to your website.