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SpamExperts is a new spam filter application which has been added by our hosting company in place of:

  • Apache SpamAssassin, and
  • MagicSpam.

Here is a link to a useful introductory guide.

How to protect your emails from spam using SpamExperts.



SpamExperts, when enabled, requires active management.

And especially so if you rely on your email for your business.


Open SpamExperts

First, sign into SpamExperts via your Hosting Control Panel.

email spamexperts


Create a SpamExperts password.

You will then be able to sign into SpamExperts when you visit the following URL:


Getting Started

The following illustrations will help you get started.

Tip: click on most images to view a larger more detailed version.

More useful links

Read more: SpamExperts Knowledgebase.

Read more: SpamExperts User Guide.

Read more: SpamExperts - an alternative user guide.