Domain Redemption

Domain Redemption refers to a short period of time (up to 30 days) after a domain has been deleted by a domain registrar, after having not been renewed by the domain registrant.

The domain registrant is the owner of the domain.

The domain registrar is the issuer of the domain (who acts on behalf of the domain registry).


What is the difference between Redemption and Deletion?

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukIn either case, the domain has expired and cannot be used by the registrant until they renew their subscription.

However, Redemption is not a good place to be if you intended to renew your domain all along.

Reason: registrants may usually renew their domain during the short period of time following expiry but before deletion at the regular renewal price.

However, following deletion (i.e. during the redemption period) the registrar will charge a much higher price for domain renewal.


What if your Domain enters Redemption?

If your domain enters redemption, you must decide whether to:

  1. renew at the higher price, or
  2. await release of your domain back into the pool of domains available for registration and then attempt to buy it back at the usual price.

Option 2 has obvious risks attached to it!

If a domain is important to you, renew ahead of the expiry date, and certainly before the deletion date (i.e. before the redemption phase).


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