What kind of hosting is right for your website?

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There are three distinct kinds of hosting plan which are offered by hosting providers.

These are: Shared Server HostingVirtual Private Server (or VPS) Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Managed hosting is usually restricted to Shared Server Hosting.

We have however seen a welcome increase in the provision of affordable Managed VPS Hosting.

Whether Shared server or VPS, most start out by subscribing to a Cloud Hosting Plan.

Making sense of the hosting environment

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The range of available hosting types

  • Shared Server Hosting,
  • Cloud Hosting (public and private),
  • Premium Hosting,
  • Hybrid Hosting,
  • Virtual Private Server (or VPS) Hosting,
  • Managed VPS Hosting,
  • Dedicated Server Hosting.

Cloud Hosting

You may see two kinds referred to: public cloud and private cloud.

Hosting on a public cloud is most likely the one most appropriate for anyone just starting out.

Why? Value for money as a result of lots of website owners sharing resources.

How does Cloud Hosting compare to its predecessor, Shared Server Hosting?

Shared Server Hosting involved lots of websites being hosted on one hard disk drive (or physical server).

Cloud Hosting involves many websites sharing one cloud (which is itself being supported by several physical servers).

If one server supporting the cloud were to malfunction, the other servers step in to help keep your website visible.


When should you consider Managed VPS hosting?

When first launching a website you probably won't need VPS Hosting even if it is an eCommerce website - see below.

But when you do you will probably want to consider Managed VPS hosting.

So choose a hosting company which can offer this service if you think you may need it in the next 1-3 years.

Some other issues to consider

Everyone's needs are different but all website owners want the following.



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