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This guide has been created in order to help you manage your email.

First you need to create a MAIL BOX on the mail server.

Next, you need to add an EMAIL ACCOUNT to the device you are using to connect to the server.

The type of EMAIL ACCOUNT you create will depend on which EMAIL PROTOCOL you want to use:

  • IMAP Protocol - which means your incoming and outgoing mail is stored on the server, regardless of which device you use to connect to the mail server;
  • POP Protocol - which means incoming and outgoing mail is stored on the device you are using to connect to the mail server.

Most users opt for IMAP simply because they use a wide range of devices to connect to the mail server at any one time.

Read more: How to create and configure a Mail Box and Email Account.


Confused by jargon?


Hosting Control Panel Features (cPanel)

Here is a brief outline of some of the main email management features included with most Hosting Control Panels.

The images in this brief guide are taken from the Cpanel hosting control panel.



Mail Box Limits

Email Volume (disk space)

Even if there is no specific Mail Box limit applied by your hosting provider, there will be a limit to the volume of mail you can store on the server.

This limit will be determined by the available disk space allocated to your hosting account.

Regardless of the limit, we recommend periodically backing up email, and clearing out Spam and unimportant old emails on a regular basis.

This is very important if an Email Account is using IMAP Protocol.

Good news, it is very easy to back up and delete old mail from most Email Clients.

You can also back up email from within the cPanel Hosting Control Panel.

Read more: How to back up email.

Email Traffic Limits

We live in an age of SPAM.

All hosting companies have a duty to protect internet users from being bombarded by unsolicited bulk email.

For this reason, hosting companies will set email traffic limits.

A typical sending limit might be as follows:

  • Email Limit per Minute = 15.
  • Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed = 200.

ERROR 452 Too Many Recipients

You will receive the above error message in your INBOX when you attempt to send email using an affected Email Account.

To avoid such messages, keep within the traffic limit when sending email!

Read more: Error 452 Too many Recipients.


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