How to speed up your website

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If you want to improve website performance and at the same time boost performance in search engine results, focus on speed.

Do so when you choose a hosting provider and when you perform your duties as website administrator.

What do we mean by speed?

How to check Page Load Speed

There are some great free tools you can use to check how fast your pages load when visitors browse your website. 

We like the following applications:

  • GTmetrix Performance Reports,
  • Lighthouse (requires subscription).

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How you can improve website performance

Focus on SPEED to improve website PERFORMANCE when you:

Geographic Location

If your website serves a target audience in one country, it makes sense to host the website close to where the audience is.

Doing so will minimise latency (time taken for content to travel from server to visitor's web browser).

The alternative is to use a CDN or Content Delivery Network.

PERSONAL Joomla! CMS Help & Support

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