Webmail is another word for Email when you choose to manage, send and receive mail via a Web Browser rather than an Email Client.

The image below shows the login panel when you choose to manage your Email as Webmail.

When might you want to do this?

This is a useful feature when the Email Client on your device is malfunctioning or cannot connect to the Mail Server.

For example, the ISP used by your hotel is blocking the port used by your device's email client for sending mail.

Or the IP of the location you are trying to send from has been added to a block list because of heavy use by spammers.

webmail login


How to access webmail in your web browser

Users of a Hosting Account provided by WYNCHCO Solutions should visit the following URL:

  • https://yourdomain.com/webmail

When you do, replace yourdomain.com with your own domain name :)

Then enter the name of your email account and its password.

Note: a version of the above URL used by alternative hosting providers is webmail.yourdomain.com.


Heads up

The above URL is not secure and so you will see a warning in most web browsers when you try to visit it using HTTPS.

You can of course visit the URL using HTTP but your connection will not be encrypted.

Your user credentials will not be protected in transit.

You can use Webmail via a secure encrypted connection (HTTPS) when you access Webmail from within your Hosting Control Panel.


How to securely access Webmail