Email Account Settings

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThis simple guide includes illustrations for the cPanel control panel.

But the basic principles will apply even if your hosting account uses a different hosting control panel.

The article should therefore be useful when creating email accounts.


How to create a new Email Account

Email Account Settings

The settings below only apply if your hosting account is provided by WYNCHCO Solutions.

Incoming Server Ports

The details below show TWO incoming server ports.

Choose the one that applies to you.

Either IMAP or POP3.

Compare: IMAP vs POP3 Protocol.

For Mozilla Thunderbird Users

If you use Thunderbird then the images below will help you quickly get started.

The images assume you have not added an SSL certificate to your domain. for example, Lets Encrypt SSL.

If you have added an SSL certificate then you can use mail.yourdomain (example: for the incoming and outgoing server address.

Why we recommend Secure SSL/TLS Settings

If you do not configure your email client to send mail using SSL or TLS encryption then you increase the chance that sensitive data will be leaked during transmission.

For this reason we recommend that you use encryption.

We use Lets Encrypt SSL with our own domain.

Read more: FREE Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate.

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