Error 550

550: IP in SCBL

550: IP in RBL

If the error message contains any of the above return codes when trying to send email, it would appear to be that your outgoing mail is being blocked by the SpamCop Blocking List.

Reason: suspected spam activity associated with the IP address from which mail is being sent.

This IP address could be either:

  1. the IP of your location, or
  2. the IP of the mail server used by your hosting account.


Follow these steps

  1. Make a note of the IP address in the bounce back error message.
  2. Look up the IP address of your location at:
  3. If the IP address in (1) and (2) is the same then it is the IP you are sending from that is being blocked.
  4. Follow the instructions in the bounce back error message to unblock your IP address, and prevent recurrence of the block.
  5. If the IP address in (1) and (2) is not the same then this will indicate that it is the IP address of the mail server which is being blocked rather than the IP you are sending from.


Check the Block Lists

There are a wide range of resources you can use.

We like this one:

You could also try using the Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Centre at:

Others include:,


IP you are sending from

If the IP you are sending from appears in this blocklist then either your computer, a previous computer or another computer using the same IP address, may have been infected by a trojan or virus or other malware.

To be on the safe side we recommend that you perform a FULL anti-malware and anti-malware scan of all computers in your location and check that your firewall is active and up to date.

Once you're sure your computer is clean, you can seek to have your IP removed from the blacklist.

If however your computer is still infected, you will be relisted very quickly, and your IP blocked again.


What is an IP Address?

The dynamic address used to identify your computer on the internet.