Error 452: Too many Recipients

OR Message count quota exceeded.

This means that you are trying to send email to too many recipients in a given time period.

Web hosting companies usually set limits for how much email can be sent via the server in any one time period.

The web hosting company we use sets the following Email Traffic limits:

  • Email sending limit per Minute = 15.
  • Email sending limit per Hour = 150.


The above figures refer to the total number of emails which may be sent (whether TO, CC or BCC) in the stated time period.

1 recipient = 1 email.

So if you were to send 1 email TO yourself and BCC to 149 other recipients then that would be the same as sending 150 separate emails.

Mailing lists are designed for use on a small scale.

If you want to send lots of bulk email then we recommend you use a bulk mailing service (example: MailChimp).


Avoid breaching the limits set by your web hosting company when sending email.