Access Logs & Error Logs

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The LOGS are really useful if and when something happens to your website and you haven't got a clue what is the cause of the problem.

They can be quite bewildering at first sight, but fortunately there are some useful reference guides on the web.


The Access Logs

The Access Logs are a record of ALL traffic to your website, including that which:

  1. successfully lands on a web page, and
  2. that which is rejected (for example, by your website's WAF * if one is installed).

* WAF = Web Application Firewall.

A Status Code will tell you how the server responded to both kinds of traffic.

Example Status Codes

200 signifies SUCCESS.

301 signifies REJECTION.

There are lots of codes.

Read more: Common Status Code Definitions.

The Error Logs

The Error Logs are a record of instances when your website is malfunctioning.

Where to find the Logs

On some servers the LOGS can be found when you log into your Hosting Control Panel.

On others you will find them in the ROOT directory when you visit the server by FTP.

In the cPanel hosting control panel, select RAW ACCESS from the METRICS panel after signing in.

cpanel2 metrics raw access logs

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