Display round images in your website

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You can change the appearance of an image when you choose to edit the underlying HTML of an Article.

You may for example want to convert a square image into a round one, or perhaps square off or round the corners of another image.

But not everyone wants to have to edit the underlying HTML.

It is good to know then that the image editor included with the JCE Content Editor extension, enables you to make such changes without editing the HTML.

It is first however necessary to create some CUSTOM STYLES, ouch!

No worries, WYNCHCO website designs include the following CUSTOM IMAGE STYLES to help you.

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We include these CUSTOM STYLES in every WYNCHCO website design to help you style images.

Add a Custom Style to an Image using JCE Content Editor

Add a Custom Style to change the appearance of an image in two simple steps using the JCE Content Editor.


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