XML Site Map

In this article we cover how to:

  1. create & display a Site Map in your website,
  2. configure the Site Map,
  3. view & copy an XML Site Map URL for submission to search engines, and
  4. hide Menu Links from your published Site Map.

The OSMap Site Map Extension

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThere are several 3rd party extensions you may wish to try in the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED)..

We like this one: OSMap.

When installed it will create:

  1. an HTML Site Map for display within your website, and
  2. XML Site Maps (web pages & images) which you may submit to the search engines. 

How to create & display an XML Site Map

Create a Site Map

To create a Site Map, select Components > OSMap from the menu at the top of your website control panel.

Then select the NEW button.

Create a Menu Link to the Site Map

Before your Site Map can be displayed in your website you will need to create a Menu Link.

It is necessary to create a special type of Menu Item: OSMap Menu Item.

This type of Menu Item will be displayed in the NEW Menu Link options after installing OSMap.

Read more: How to create a Menu Item.


How to configure the Site Map

It is important to configure the Site Map before:

  1. publishing an HTML version in the front end of your website, and
  2. submitting an XML version to the search engines.

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